mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Apollo 16, LRV on the Moon

The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) or lunar rover was a battery-powered four-wheeled rover used on the Moon in the last three missions of the American Apollo program (15, 16, and 17) during 1971 and 1972. Apollo 16 (LRV-002): 16.50 miles (26.55 km), 3 h 26 min. Horizontal panorama constructed with original pictures extrated from 16 mm camera.

 Raw image from 16 mm camera :

samedi 3 novembre 2012

Lyndon B. Johnson view the liftoff of Apollo 11

Vice President Spiro Agnew and former President Lyndon B. Johnson view the liftoff of Apollo 11 from pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center at 9:32 am EDT on July 16, 1969. Horizontal  panorama made with individual pictures extracted from a 16 mm camera.

Raw pictures:


Apollo 11, LEM docking before TLI

Lem docking before TLI, vertical panorama constructed with individual pictures of 16 mm camera (onboard Apollo 11 CM).